Automotive Technology Advancements in Safety

In the world of auto news, 2014 has brought many innovations to newer car models. The most useful of these developments is an accident prevention technology that warns you about oncoming collisions. Safety and accident prevention is becoming a big concern for automakers, which is why they are working on many safety technology advancements. This article lets you in on the safety features that are currently available on the market, as well as those that are in the works and may be available in the near future.

Concerning safety features, developers have allowed cars to identify pedestrians and cyclists in order to identify potential risks on the road. This feature is very useful for driving in a crowded, urban area, where cars, cyclists, and pedestrians often share the road. Another safety feature is one made for sleepy or distracted drivers. This feature will allow your car to alert you when you have changed lanes without signaling beforehand, hoping to keep people who are drowsy from switching lanes unintentionally and increasing the risk of a collision. Mercedes-Benz has also created an Intelligent Drive system that will allow the car to take control of the wheel at low speeds. The car is also capable of correcting course if the driver unintentionally crosses lanes, or completely stop the car in order to avoid an accident.

Many car companies, such as Google and even the U.S. government, are investing in future safety features that could soon be on the road. One of these potential technologies is Vehicle to Vehicle communication, which the government hopes will greatly decrease the amount of accidents per year on the road. The technology that MIT is researching at the moment will allow cars to communicate with each other and warn the driver if another car is in their direct path. Google is currently researching a self driving car in California and Nevada. If these cars prove successful they can eliminate 95% of all auto accidents, which are caused by human error. Another safety idea that puts a twist on an old car feature are air bags for the cars themselves. Mercedes is currently trying to develop a car that will deploy an airbag from underneath the car when it appears that an accident cannot be avoided. This will give the car extra braking capability without damaging the car or potentially harming the passengers inside the vehicle as regular hard breaking might.

Auto accidents cost money, time, and in some cases lives. These safety advancements can help prevent accidents, or reduce the severity so that more people are able to walk away from a car crash. These auto makers and research teams deserve recognition for trying to make our world a safer place for everyone on the road.