Pedal Car Pros Auto Repair

To make sure you’re driving a dependable car that will fire up and go you have to invest in it. What all does that entail? You need a regular maintenance schedule. We are an auto repair shop that has the solutions you need. Any necessary repairs need to be dealt with immediately. If you are in the market for car repair and taking care of your maintenance, Pedal Car Pros has the solution for you.

We started off in Scottsdale, Arizona as a single vehicle shop. About a decade later, we managed to expand your brand and start up in new locations all across Arizona. We are dependable, honest, and skilled at what we do. That’s how we’ve managed to grow. There is good reason why we’re trusted so much, because we do things like –

Before we start work on your vehicle, we take the time to go over everything we see a problem with. That way you have no surprises about what we intend to do. If you have Tempe auto glass, we will explain what needs to be done. Everything is made perfectly clear upfront.

We also offer a two-year or 24,000 mile warranty with most of our repairs. To help you find the time to get your vehicle repaired, we off you our shuttle service to get you where you need to be and back home again. It is just a courtesy services we like to give our customers.

We have a team that totally understands all the possibilities that may go wrong with your vehicle, and how to solve those problems for you. This kind of expertise has enabled us to grow and flourish as an auto service in Scottsdale. If you would like more information about us, visit one of our service pages and see what all we do. Just type in Pedal Car Pros into your favorite search engine.